Sweet Valentine

Who never got anxious to receive a Valentine's card?

The tradition started in the Roman empire, when Saint Valentine was imprisoned for performing weddings for people who were forbidden to marry. While in jail he fell in love with the daughter of his jailer and before being executed wrote her farewell love letter signed "From Your Valentine".

True or not the tradition picked up and today Valentine's Day is popular all over the world. Every February 14, couples celebrate their love sending love letters to each other and, like Saint Valentine, signing "From Your Valentine".

To keep the tradition going, and also to make it sweeter, we are offering Valentine's Day special Brigadeiro gift boxes. From the packaging to the Brigadeiros, everything is heart themed. We also have a matching Valentine's card for you to send along your Brigadeiro gift box.

We have created an Valentine's day inspiration board. Check it out and come up with something special for your loved one:



After all, love's sweet and we just made s sweeter.

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