Pop it!

When we made the first brig pop, a little more than a year ago we thought it would be just another item on our menu. Not that we didn't believe on it, but it was just something new for us. The orders started small, and then more orders came from those orders. Suddenly we're making it in so many ways: red with multicored polka dots, blue with stars, striped green, pink with flowers or just plain white or dark chocolate. What always amazed us is how fast they disappear from the party's table. This just shows us that as decorative as they can be, people were actually ordering for its flavor: a creamy chocolate brigadeiro covered in white or dark chocolate.  Now brig-pops are not only another item on the menu, it is an important part of it. And we're so proud that we put together this selection of pictures that will keep your eyes inspired and mouth watering.

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