Hey sweeties! We came back in small steps past week so we had some time to warm up and organize 2012 before the orders swallow us. Which in this case we'll be happy and delighted.
During the break we kept working a little wherever we where. My assistant here and I in Brazil. Spending sometime with my family and being part of my nephew's (and godson's) little life. Lourenço turned one while I was there and grandma (my super party enthusiastic mom) hosted the celebration at her house.
All the decor was planned and executed by my two talented sisters-in-law. Carolina, Lourenço's mom, has an unique and playfull sense of style and Flavia is a very crafty DIY lady. Their idea was to bring his navy themed bedroom to the party.
Sailing boats, lanterns and lifesavers houses from his bedroom were combined with blue and red striped fabric to create this cool and boy like maritime scene. I loved how savvy and intimate the idea is.
Auntie Mari (me!) spoiled everyone with some sweets. Honey brigadeiros with sliced almonds were a big hit. Guests took also some brigadeiros home in this handmade favor boxes covered in fabric.
It was a bunch of work but best of all, Lourenço enjoyed his first birthday party like a gentleman. And godmother couldn't help sharing my boy's charming figure and, yeeeep! predilection for sweets. LOL... he'll surely make me proud!
And by the way, am I the only person thinking that my sister's-in-law should launch a party business? Ok. I'll be their agent.

The phone is ringing. I gotta go. Kitchen here we come again!

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