Trick and treats

We know this may sound scary but Halloween is next week. And if you didn’t get yourself ready we did for you. At least the party will be set while you can go crazy looking for the perfect costume. And will be a great party or better saying a horribly great one.

Terrifyingly delicious brigadeiros with decorative cups and toppers 

White chocolate and brigadeiro ghost pops

We made it easy: trick and treats in the same basket. Delicious Halloween Brigadeiros, Ghost Brig Pops and all decoration essentials by Flying Little Birds in one party kit. We made it for 15 people (minimum) but you can order for as many you guest list allows.
The party look

The Halloween Party Kit for 15 guests includes:
·                20 ghost brigpop (delicious brigadeiro, topped with a thick layer of white chocolate)
·                60 brigadeiros (up to 3 flavors from our menu (classics, seasonals or crunchies)
·                60 special candy cups made of fabric with an orange ribbon
·                20 sweet toppers to put on the top your brigadeiros
·                4  candy tags with the flavors of your brigadeiros
·                20 straws with Halloween decoration
·                1 1/2" decorated garland
·                1 Halloween frame 

 Decorated straws and guirland

Orders can be placed until Tuesday, oct/25.  
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