Brigadeiro Bakery & Comodo

We are happy to annouce that Brigadeiro Bakery and Comodo are now partners. We'll be officially located at Comodo's address and working from there.

What does that mean to our current customers? More brigadeiros, of course. By using Comodo's struture we'll be able to expand our production and better respond to our clients. We already started shipping our brigadeiro nationwide and have a lot of great news planned along the year.

This partnership started forming last fall, but Brigadeiro Bakery and Comodo have been flirting for a while.

Mariana first met Felipe in the fall of 2011. At that time Brigadeiro Bakery was just an idea taking off at Mariana's partment kitchen. At the same time Felipe had outgrown his apartment kitchen with his Worth Kitchen dinner parties. One year later and Felipe opens the doors of Comodo and Brigadeiro Bakery is no longer just an idea.

This partnership is the realization of two dreams with the same objective, spread the latin culture through food. Comodo is the Spanish word for comfortable while brigadeiro is the Brazilian synonymous of party. We are sure we'll feel as comfortable as home at Comodo and we promise to bring the party on.

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