It's needless to say that at Brigadeiro Bakery we're passionate about Brigadeiros, the name tells it all. They bring back memories and special moments. They call the kid inside each and everyone of us. They make us smile for just looking at them. They make us fall in love with the perfectly simple. They're just pure deliciousness, the type that doesn't need to be analyzed; just enjoyed.

Everyone experience life your own way and the way you appreciate Brigadeiros can be different to each of us. It might at a party with good friends, a gift from someone special, a memory from long distance home or just a perfect dessert after an amazing meal. But the most important feeling is the joy they bring us, the way they make us feel fulfilled and delighted.

For that reason we want to invite you to celebrate those memories and moments. Share your #BrigadeiroLove and help us build an amazing collection of love, high spirits, enjoyment, cheerfulness and everything else that makes life memorable.

Share your #BrigadeiroLove.

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