Wedding Traditions

June is already here. And to celebrate the Bride's month we decided to jump into some Wedding traditions to understand the real meaning of this epic celebration. 

For starters, do you know why June is called the Bride's month? Well, as hard as it is to confirm this information, everything drive us back to medieval times, when baths were not very frequent and more of a annual task. People would usually take a bath in late spring or early summer, when the temperatures were comfortable enough to… well… a bath. For that reason most weddings were celebrated in June, because the brides would be more presentable.

True or not, there are other traditions that every bride must follow to assure happiness in marriage. From the wedding rings to the veil, everything has a meaning and a reason to be. In the 12th century, to mark married women, a pope decreed that all brides should wear rings. But it was only in the 20th century that the diamond ring engagement rings became popular with a DeBeers advertising campaign.

Other traditions, like the broken glass on Jewish ceremonies, to signify the fragility of the relationship that must always be preserved; or the bridal veil, that is a sign of humility and respect before God; are signs that wedding traditions will continue to be followed.

In Brazil, for example, a popular wedding tradition is to gift the guest with a wedding favor called bem casado (well married in direct translation). They are a two piece white cake connected with a silky milk filling and represent two parts united by sweet love, support and mutual respect. It is said that when a guest makes a wish for the newly-weds before eating it, the same good fortune will be bestowed upon the guest as well. Sweet, isn't it?

But the most important tradition in weddings, and the secret to any long and happy marriage can be resume in just one word: love. Be sure you love your partner and nothing can go wrong.

If you have other wedding traditions that you know and wants to share, comment below.

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